The natives of Amazonia, Africa and Asia have unimaginable knowledge. It is their ancestral knowledge, which formerly could have been compared to our good wife remedies.

The Amazon jungle is now a gigantic reservoir of medicinal plants, which must be protected. For centuries, a big part of our survival is due to the Brazilian, Vietnamese and Malaysian jungle. Some say they have saved our lives.

It is here that scientists have found antidotes such as quinine (antimalarial), gueranin (psychotonic antimigraine), pilocarpine (anti glaucoma), captopril (antihypertensive) and many other scientifically validated treasures by experimental pharmacology. They were then remedies used by charmers and healers.

We now have a collection of more than 6,000 plants, all of them representatives of a crippling part of the world’s flora biodiversity.

It is from the leaves, bark and fruits of various species that we will prepare extracts, tested biologically to provide positive responses to the unresolved diseases of our century.

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