daniel4 - 40 Years in the Making

40 Years in the Making

40 years in the making Forty years ago, we took the path of natural therapies in a global definition of health. We then produced natural formulas of coated and odorless…

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gym training 360x240 - Muscular activity

Muscular activity

All physical activity is generally positive for your health, but there is a type of exercise that is often neglected and should be practiced diligently. It’s muscle training. A recent…

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amazon forest 360x240 - The Amazon and our health

The Amazon and our health

The natives of Amazonia, Africa and Asia have unimaginable knowledge. It is their ancestral knowledge, which formerly could have been compared to our good wife remedies. The Amazon jungle is…

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health research 360x240 - The natural alternative

The natural alternative

For the past 25 years, alternative health approaches have expanded phenomenally. It is safe to say that we are restoring its status to natural medicine. More and more, the population…

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cannabis 360x240 - Questions regarding cannabis

Questions regarding cannabis

A few weeks before the legalization of cannabis in Canada, experts are concerned about gaps in the scientific knowledge of the substance. Scientists who study the issue believe that legalization…

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