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40 years in the making

Forty years ago, we took the path of natural therapies in a global definition of health. We then produced natural formulas of coated and odorless Garlic tablets for good blood circulation and for the reduction of hypertension. We subsequently enriched our product line with a formula of Glucosamine, Omega 3, vitamin supplements and many more, always with the aim of preventing and reducing the risks of certain common diseases. We then worked to develop a very original health-based lunch formula, called Budwig Cream, containing healthy and functional ingredients such as flax almond nuts, whole wheat seeds, and more. It was an instant success, to the point where large food grocery chains offered similar formulas. Today, following the renewed interest and recognition of the effectiveness of natural medicinal formulas, Health Canada’s new regulations, we are developing formulas with components that reflect all of these requirements. Our new product development aligns with applied good sense of health and the need to support a thoughtful, growing demand of today’s savvy consumer. We promote prevention, putting forward an unparalleled experience in this field that is natural products.


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